Reading List from Samuel G. Freedman's 1998 Book Seminar

Title Description SF says
Simple Justice
Richard Kluger
A sprawling narrative history of the Brown V. Board of Education case. Though Kluger won a Pulitzer last year for his chronicle of the tobacco industry,Ashes To Ashes, Simple Justice is widely thought of as his masterwork.
There Are No Children Here
Alex Kotlowitz
An immersion book about two boys in the Henry Horner projects in Chicago This book put poverty back on the national agenda and essentially created the concept of children's issues as a beat.
Articles of Faith
Cynthia Gorney
Simon & Schuster
A newly-published non-fiction narrative of the abortion wars, focusing closely on two antagonists -- the founder and major opponent of one St. Louis clinic.  
The Girls In the Balcony
Nan Robertson
Fawcett Books
This book tells the story of women at The New York Times and particularly of the major sex-discrimination case they brought in the 1970s. Unfortunately, it's out of print.
The Last Fine Time
Verlyn Klinkenborg
Story of one blue-collar bar in Buffalo and, through that microcosm, of America's cities from WWII to the present. Klinkenborg is the finest writer in American non-fiction today. Read his prose and be humbled. I sure was. Out of print.
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
Anne Fadiman
Farrar,Straus, Giroux
A tale of the struggle between a family of Hmong refugees and their American doctors over how best to treat the family's epileptic infant. A compelling and heartbreaking account.


Samuel G. Freedman's Newsday Picks

Title, author, publisher
SGF Says
Favorite Fiction The Ordinary Seaman
Francisco Goldman
Atlantic Monthly Press
Big-hearted and hard-headed, this novel tells what when happens a young veteran of the Contra war in Nicaragua crews onto a freighter that never leaves its Brooklyn dock.
Runner-up The Spirit Catches You Before Their Time
Robert Kotlowitz
A taut and disturbing WWII memoir.
Favorite Non-fiction The Mansion of the Hill
Fred Goodman
Times Books
How artists' managers took rock-and-roll from being the voice of the counterculture to just another commodity.
Runner-up American Pastoral
Philip Roth
The tragedy of a Newark Jew who finds and loses the American Dream.